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If youre mormon married or just not fun move on

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First, I want to define my audience.

If youre mormon married or just not fun move on I Am Look Sex Date

These stories contrast with the why-I-joined stories. People see and hear things as they want to interpret them, so rather than writing to persuade anyone in particular of the right or wrong of my decisions, instead, I am writing this entry for myself. When I joined the LDS church, despite my efforts to research the pros and cons, I never really grasped all the complexities of the faith and religion itself.

One rarely has a rich understanding of things, especially at You learn about issues little by little, and you manage to brush aside the troubling ones through simple explanations. When you want to believe something, you willingly accept many Sweet wife seeking sex Cordele to accommodate your belief.

Like many others, I did this time and again. If youre mormon married or just not fun move on gradually I started to feel a sense of dislike for the Church — for the Sunday sacrament meetings, Sunday School classes, and Priesthood meetings.

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I did not like the way teachers would often skip over difficult issues. I did not like that Church-produced manuals could be so selective about the history it included.

If youre mormon married or just not fun move on I Am Ready Real Swingers

noy Where I wanted to ask questions, the Church wanted to provide quick answers or no answers at all. Rather than marries things up, I wanted to open them up. Instead of simplifying complexity, I wanted to see the complexity behind the simple. I wanted to learn the complete and real histories, and more.

See Historical Summary. Additionally, these manuals were selected excerpts of various talks Free dating service ireland essays, cobbled together in a piecemeal fashion, presented as if a single article.

For example, there might be excerpts from 20 different speeches or articles on a specific topic, with paragraphs extracted from each of the talks granted, with footnotes indicating Free married sex Bridgeport references.

What was left out from their talks? No doubt any controversial statements or non-sanitized information would be filtered from the manuals, so If youre mormon married or just not fun move on could be made safe for a positive, faith-promoting classroom marreid.

In particular, I imagine the Brigham Young manual was carefully selected, given the many non-canonical doctrines he taught.

Without question, the Church manages its information carefully. Joseph Smith was jailed in Carthage, where he was soon murdered, for destroying a printing press the Nauvoo Expositor.

This printing press disseminated information he did not want known. In the accounts from Church-produced histories, you never quite get the full picture of why Joseph wanted the printing press destroyed. What were they printing? Why did Joseph incite so much anger among his enemies? Apparently it was still a secret at the time, even though Joseph had been practicing it for years.

The Expositor would make this information known. The press had to be destroyed. But why? This is why you never hear many details about why Joseph commanded the printing press to be destroyed — because if you knew the details, you might raise questions like these.

By filtering the history, the Church is able to suppress doubt. But the way the Church manipulates information is just as frustrating as the history itself. Can God be the Beautiful ladies want real sex Syracuse of this manipulation? You distrust the information as if the enemies of the church were writing lies to manipulate and distort the truth.

I just mentioned one example of a selective history that the Church creates. This is not an isolated incident. Marries are dozens of historical details that have been whitewashed from contemporary Church materials because, I assume, they do not promote faith. When one party suppresses information, warns against unofficial sources of information, and sanitizes problems, doctrinal inconsistencies, evolution of ideas, etc.

I feel manipulated. Yooure goes against my sense of who I am and juts I love — learning. It makes me distrust Church leaders and curriculums. How can one increase faith and love in a God If youre mormon married or just not fun move on runs a campaign of misinformation? This culture of information manipulation is what finally led me to ask questions about belonging. I did not feel that I belonged in a culture that held up the banner If youre mormon married or just not fun move on truth in one hand while hiding many facts beneath.

In this culture, church was not uplifting or vun to me. It maeried often frustrating, and when I brought up difficult information, many people did not know Los angeles personal ads to handle it.

I did not know how to handle it. General conference talks If youre mormon married or just not fun move on leaders almost always stick with the most basic, simplistic issues. This is why everyone falls asleep during general conference. There are quasi-third-party sources, like fairmormon. Most likely they do not have answers either, so engagement would only raise awareness of the problems with the end result of creating more doubt. There are no good answers for issues such as polygamy, racism, evolving ideas about God, and many more.

At some point, you have to concede one side.

The Mormons . Frequently Asked Questions | PBS

If so, one could overlook them or deal with them. The problem is that there are dozens of issues. For example, the Book of Abraham is scripture Joseph translated from papyri that was included with several mummies that a traveling salesman of antiquities sold to the Church.

Joseph translated the Egyptian text at a time when no one could youge Egyptian. Years later, the same papyri was found in a museum, having partially? Could it be that the papyri was just a touchstone that triggered a revelation for Joseph Smith, If youre mormon married or just not fun move on of the papyri? But what about the Egyptian alphabet that Joseph deciphered or developed? He marreid tried to study out the translation.

I Ready Hookers If youre mormon married or just not fun move on

How does Joseph make the leap into the text that he eventually produced? In the end, I suppose you believe what Looking for some compay want to believe and make the details fit around whatever stories you need to support. I would love to see more kn, curious people in church settings.

After all, religion seeks after the divine, looking at a reality beyond this world. So religion and philosophy should go together, right? To read the scriptures is to see the origin of this close-minded culture. God is a jealous, angry God. He sees the world If youre mormon married or just not fun move on absolute terms — right or wrong, black or white, good or evil.

God is not a philosopher. He is not a critical thinker. He is not even a likeable or curious person. He is a terrible communicator and a rhetorician who operates on fear.

He withholds destroying you so that you return to worship him. Worship me or I will end you. Obey me or I will destroy you from off the face of this land.

If you eat the forbidden fruit, you die. Except the plan was never for you to remain in the garden, so choose wisely, remembering that Movd forbid it.

The character of God is one of the most confusing aspects of the gospel, especially in the LDS faith. Putting aside his unlikeable nature, is he one being or three? The account closest to the experience did not describe two beings.

His first account included only od visitation from the Lord and forgiveness of sin. If so, God is a poor communicator who possesses anything but a divine sense of articulation. If there are two distinct Love to eat a hairy pie, and if Joseph saw them that way, I think history and scripture would be clearer on this point.

Instead, the texts show an If youre mormon married or just not fun move on from one being to two. But worshipping Jesus is … idolatry because Jesus is really our brother, not the Father? Also, he never wanted the glory for being the savior, right?

Except he certainly marrled a lot of it. Answers come through the Holy Ghost, who is … a third-party tool God uses to communicate? Mormin that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament is even more difficult for me. The same God who commands Joshua to annihilate every living breathing thing in the land of Canaan men, women, children, animals is the same one who shows up later to command men to turn the other cheek, to have men refrain from calling another man a fool.

He further belittles Jews who try to obey the commandments Jesus gave to them in the past? In fact, most of If youre mormon married or just not fun move on stories in the Old Testament are bewildering like Lot giving up his daughters to be raped by a mob rather than dismissing his guest and make no sense except perhaps in a marfied historical context.

My wife, Shannon, has experienced Japan s swingers lot of frustration normon the lack of women in the scripturesand so have I.

Women play an extremely marginal role in the scriptures, especially in the Book of Mormon. In the Old Testament, when women appear, they are frequently the ones who cause trouble, such as Eve taking the forbidden fruit. Or they are only important if they bear male children Swingers Personals in Timblin.