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Lets meet for a drink and then Looking Real Swingers

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Lets meet for a drink and then

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New merch: January 17, When initially rrink a "getting to know you" predate, the common invitation is to go get some coffee or to go get a drink. If you don't enjoy coffee or alcohol yetwhat alternate phrase can you use that doesn't sound weird?

How about a smoothie?

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Say get a coffee, and then order something else. I do it all the time, and I theh coffee. But really, have you been in a cafe recently?

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Trust me, there is something there you'll like, even if it's not coffee. Hell, order a smoothie, or hot coco Coffeehouses serve all sorts of things - tea, hot chocolate, italian sodas, expensive bottled water, soda.

Let's Meet For Drinks! - Or Not | HuffPost

It's totally okay to say, "Let's get coffee" and then order a coke. You're over thinking it. Have tea or soda instead and talk. If you don't like alcohol, don't ask to go get a drink, a coffee house is fine.

The liquids are just are anv to sit and chat and do something with your hands to hide your nervousness. Go wherever and get to the talking part. Do you not hhen tea either? Coffeehouses these days serve so many things besides actual coffee that it doesn't seem weird at all to make a "coffee date" and then order hot chocolate -- or even a sandwich.

But I get your point. Why not just ask someone out to a specific sort of event, like a party you're going to, or a local jazz club, or a Housewives looking nsa Erie market, or some other low-stakes public venue. And I don't think Lets meet for a drink and then weird to say, "I don't drink, but a gor told me about a really nice place that's Lets meet for a drink and then adjective and I've been meaning to check it out.

Want to come along? You can watch me get trashed on Diet Coke. Ice cream or frozen yogurt. I personally like saying "Let's have tea! The meaning will still be clear, even if I end up actually having something else entirely different.

Besides, it conjures up all kinds of silly afternoon tea fantasies for me, complete with crumpets. Two suggestions: Name the place instead of the food? Ice cream! Always a good first-date food, if only for the mood-lightening hilarity of somebody invariably making a mess.

To me, going for coffee is going for a casual non-alcoholic beverage. Going for a drink implies alcohol. Going for a soda only works if you're 10 or you're Kim Mitchell. You can be an adult and get drihk soft drink when you're on this date, but you shouldn't frame it as a chance to get a soda or pop.

Don't over think it. Great coffeehouses have more much more than coffee. Even non great coffeehouses like Starbucks have non coffee drinks. I'd go with, "Let's get a coffee" then order some other beverage at the coffee shop.

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Bite to eat or thwn of pizza works well, too. Or you can go the ridiculously specific route, cupcake, pirogi, belgian fries and hope that they find it charming.

Double plus bonus points if the specific item is something they had mentioned they like. Maybe then we can get a bite to eat. You can order whatever you'd like once you get there, but that particular invitation is I think the standard signal for "I want to set a time for us to meet up, while sober, and get to know each other.

Let's go out for a drink. this means you'll have to walk farther for a drink you cannot say it just after you had a very long meeting and you and. and proposing "getting a drink" and then not drinking alcohol yourself can be . " Let's meet up and take a walk in [YOUR FAVORITE PARK]. Nov 10, Earlier this year I stopped drinking. Let's Meet For Drinks! And then order a club soda or Pellegrino, or - dare I say it - suggest going for.

I usually do not drink coffee. I have asked people to meet "for coffee" many times and then ordered tea instead.

No one has ever commented on it, and it's never been weird. OK --this is a good one. This was so far from contrived or scripted and furthermore just blew her mind.

Asking a friend to come with me for a drink | WordReference Forums

It's possible to come up with similar invitations, particularly with nerdy types, that are unique and appealing. Here's an example: The point is, many of these open it up to a little thwn talk rather than: YES B. NO This doesn't work in all cases however.

Unfortunately to some you may come of as, uh, scripted and contrived and it may Lets meet for a drink and then sort of embarrasing I've found that when the invitation is nerdy and creative it's not only received well but allows both parties to laugh off a bit of nervous energy immediately after.

Incidentally, in Japan, a stereotypical pick-up line is "hey girl, wanna go dink some tea? It's the same with"get a coffee" in the US at least, though the phrase has not yet developed sleazy connotations. Ice cream, soda, smoothies, walks in parks As a single woman meft dates men, I would be turned off because they all sound so far from standard dating conventions.

But that's just me. Like everyone has said, "let's get coffee" just means non-alcoholic beverages and maybe some food, but not usually a full meal. So get hot chocolate, tea, decaf, a smoothie, or whatever else looks good to you on the menu, and no one will ever find it weird.

If you are proposing drinks, but don't drink, I think having a really short and pithy why-I-don't-drink-but-I'm-not-weird sentence will help.

And make it about the location, not the drinking. So "I've been hearing great things about the new artisanal cocktail bar downtown. I'm on a non-alcoholic kick right now, but the burgers are supposed to be to die for, and obviously they have lots of drink options" wouldn't sound creepy at Lets meet for a drink and then, to me at least. As with all things, ymmv, and how your date feels is a lot more important than what anyone here says.

These things are really easy to overthink, and one can lose track of how it is really about younot the specific line or the delivery.

If the chemistry is good, there's almost nothing Lets meet for a drink and then could say that meeet be wrong, and if the chemistry isn't there there won't be anything you can say that will be right.

In Chicago. What about a museum? No shortage of those around here. Plus you have built-in conversation if there's a lull. Your profile says you live in Chicago - have you been to Argo? Such a cool concept - it's just like a regular Starbucks-esque coffee place, but it's all tea.

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If anyone complains that ten said "get coffee" but ended up ordering something other than coffee, they're either joking or clueless. This won't make you appear less weird, but you could always order some miracle fruit tablets and chew them in the bathroom before you drink a coffee or beer. This smacks of weirdness, granted, and isn't something I would actually recommend doing, as secretly modifying yourself with chemicals may not be how you want to be remembered.

It seems so much Lets meet for a drink and then to just order something on the menu other than coffee or beer. When you ask someone out for coffee, you're not forming a contract as to what you'll order from the menu--you're making an offer about the kind of environment and social interaction you have in mind. Art exhibits or gallery shows, especially on opening night, Lady wants casual sex WI Elm grove 53122 a casual, one-hour activity, no drinking Lets meet for a drink and then at all, something to talk about together, plus it doesn't cost anything.

If one of you ane a glass of wine, they're almost always offered. Let

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Have you gone yet? If you say "let's get coffee" as a sort of generic non-sleazy pickup line or date request you sound like the sort of person who unfortunately models their social interactions after how they see people ad in movies and sitcoms.

Now, things that would be great if you don't actually want coffee and are avoiding alcohol would be tea, hot chocolate, a milkshake, malted, float, ice cream, shaved ice, gelato, egg cream in NYC, Lets meet for a drink and then, aforementioned brewpub root beer, etc.

I Wants Sexy Chat Lets meet for a drink and then

Then, importantly, you don't get a crappy McDonald's version of whatever it is, you go to the place you know that makes a real nice legit milkshake or whatever. If you don't know that place, you really should get on that.

If ahd is disinclined to favor your request because a milkshake is not Standard Completely Arbitrary Protocol while Starbucks is, consider that a built-in filter. Mmm, dessert.

High quality example sentences with “meet up for a drink” in context from of twee overload with Home for the Holidays – "Let's meet up for a drink/ On the old park WHY THEY CAME "We're longtime friends, just meeting up for a drink after. Apr 20, How much should you drink on a first date? I'd venture to say that 99 of every first dates blossom from this proposition: "Let's grab a drink." Why? Suggesting a bar for your initial romantic meeting can be daunting. about how much work sucks, then flipped through 19 pictures of your dog Nibbles. And kept saying that we should definitely meet up. (We live in separate cities in the uk.) We basically flirted for most of the 4 hours and then just.

Say coffee -- it's a generic term -- but thej something hot. A recent study showed that people think more highly of someone new when holding a hot cup than a cold one.

I definitely love the concept of the pre-date. No strings attached, public, quick, convenient, etc. The whole "miniature golf-dinner-movie" first date is a tragedy waiting to happen.

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If there's no "spark", it's hours of torture. Or worse, the horror of bailing out. I'm no dating success story, but I'd say let the offer be the conversation, and let the specifics of the situation be a starting point.